Monday, November 4, 2013

yuzuki yukari tutorial ^___^

Okies, so now I'm finally posting tutorial for yuzuki's outfit. This one is tutorial for making patterns for the dress. It is my first tutorial ever, so if you have any problem understanding something, please tell me so I can fix the tutorial and help you better (=^・ω・^)y=


So Draw the violet lines ^___^ (forgot to put text in this one)

x2 under every pattern means that you need 2 of that kind of piece to make the dress.
Three on the left are front parts and three on the right are back parts
I hope this tutorial was helpful and it was easy to follow the instructions ~ Let me know if you have anything to ask ^___^


  1. OMGoodness you are so awesome ! This tutorial will make making my cosplay for this next year so much easier ^^ thanks for all your hard work :)

    1. Your'e welcome :) If you have any problems feel free to ask me ^__^

    2. Actually I do have a question do you know about how many yards of fabric you used for this ?

    3. I hope this isn't rude but I am a size medium myself and I was wondering since it only took a yard for you what size you were so I could compare it to myself ? >_< sorry I really hope that doesn't sound rude or invasive ...

    4. It's not rude at all :) I'm size S but I think 1 yard is probably enough for size M too. Of course it depends also on the width of the fabric (mine was 1,64 yards)

    5. Hey its been awhile and I'm finally getting started on making this dress (and I also just figured out how to actually have my google user show up lol) anyway I cut out the pattern and now I'm going to look for fabric. I was wondering what types of fabric you would suggest for a beginner sower and also just for this specific pattern?

    6. I would recommend using a cotton fabric, but some polyester fabrics would also work just fine as long as it's cotton like. Try to avoid shiny and stretchy fabrics since they are not the easiest to sew. I would also recommend making a mockup and testing the pattern before cutting the real fabric. Some alterations may be needed, but it shouldn't be hard to make :)