Friday, February 21, 2014

a little progress

I have made a little progress on luka's anti the infinite holic outfit. Not as much as I was hoping for because I have been busy with schoolwork and hobbies. and when I have had time I have spend it doing nothing or sewing something else than luka XD But anyways here's some progress:

ironed seam and seam to be ironed soon - the magic of ironing
parts put together
 ( zipper is going to the backseam and I haven't yet sewed shoulderseams)

When I had cut the skirtpart and sewed them together, I realized that it's way too small. I have to make the skirt two times wider than it was in the begining, so it's not really a big change. But to make it I have to go buy more fabric. 

the satin ribbon is not attached yet, I just wanted to know if the ribbon I bought was the right size. I think it's perfect :3
This is whar the dress looks like now. It only has one sleeve attached and it needs still a lot of work...
But a little progress is better than no progress at all....

And when I was supposed to do Luka, a skirt happened:

About my other cosplay plans for this year, I've kinda decided to go for Guchuko, since I get so excited when I think about cosplaying her. The wig and props are going to be challenge for me, but I already have a plans how to do those. Let's see if they work out as planned XD


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