Thursday, September 18, 2014


so glorious title, but huge props need huge title XD  

so my bf wanted to cosplay as pantheon from League of Legends. and he specifically wanted pantheons most detailed glaive warrior skin. and he also decided to choose champion with biggest props, enormous shield, spear and helmet. at this post I'm going to talk about the biggest part of the cosplay: SHIELD. so Let's not waste any time with this nonsense and let's get to the WIP material!!

In the beginning there was this cardboard. 
Then we cut some slices out of it, to make it more 3D. A lot of duct tape was used during the progress. Also hot glue to make it more durable.

Then we added couple cans of expanding foam. and let it dry. The foam dries quite quickly and it's light, so for a huge prop like this it was perfect material. It's also affordable.

When it was completely dry, we (meaning I) started to cut the edges with box cutter to give it appropriate shape. After that we applied some more expanding foam to the middle for the wolf and cut the shape when it was dry.
Cut, cut, cut
OOOO! It's doneee~

It would have been wiser to attach the handle to the backside before applying more expanding foam to the front, But it worked like this also :D the handle it screwed from the front side, so we had to cut a little from the wolf on the frontside before we could attach the hadle... lalala There is also glue to make it more durable
Then we added even more expanding foam (I don't even know how many cans we used in total) and cut it when it was dry.

Then we feed the shield a little bit of newspaper and wallpaper paste. 

Then some wall filler was added..
I mean a lot of wall filler...

Before painting the wall filler was sanded and all of the "battle scars" were cut to the shield. 
a couple details ...

This WIP probably made it look like this would take only a while to get done, but trust me it isn't as fast to make as it seems. Cutting expanding foam to the desired shape takes forever! and almost all materials we used takes several hours to dry, so if you want to make big props make sure you have time. 

Next is up spear and some armor. stay toon for HUUUGE PANTHEON GLAIVE WARRIOR WIP!!!!!!1!!1!!!! part 2/3

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