Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sheryl, start! ♥♥♥♥♥

I was looking through my fabrics and figured out that I had all the materials to make a corset for Sheryl. And not just any corset, but the one specific corset of hers I love. The corset for lion ♥(or the corset which Sheryl wears in the 2nd op) This is one of the cosplays I've been wanting to do for so long ♥♥♥ And now I have the perfect excuse to make it happen ♥♥♥
This amazing corset ♥ - and outfit ♥ - and sheryl ♥
The Fabrics I found laying in my closet. In order from left to right, red fabric, red chiffon, the main fabric, white cotton to sew the rigilene boning in, lining and interfacing fabric to add support. The rigilene boning itself is also visible in the picture. Though I used also black rigilene boning when I run out of white since the main fabric is thick enough so It wouldn't be visible. The color of the main fabric is a slightly off, but I think it goes. I decided to add the red chiffon on top of red fabric so it would look more formal and fitting to the main fabric.

The Fabrics I found laying in my closet
I first started with the cotton layer which I had cut and sewn together to form a basic corset. Then I drew the shape I wanted sheryls corset to be on the cotton fabric. And based on that I created new patterns which I used to cut the lining and main fabric. That sounds quite complicated but basically what I did was I found the pattern for some basic corset, sew it together and then drew lines with pencil while wearing it and that's how I did the pattern seen below: 

Cotton fabric and some lines I drew on it 
After patterns were done I Sewed some bones on the cotton layer and cut all the fabrics (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

bones bones bones bones

cutting main fabric

 cutting lining

all the pieces cut :3
Then I sew all the pieces together. To make the sewing easier I marked the waistline on each piece 

almost everything sewn together
I ironed and cut the extra seam allowances and pinned the main fabric to the cotton layer. Then I sewed those fabrics together so that the red details (that I sew on later) would hide the seams. To get the main fabric match the cotton layer I used a lot of pins and time. 

in progress

mission completed.
After that I cut pieces from red fabric and chiffon that were 4 cm wide. Then I ironed them and sewed them on the corset. Then I trimmed the excess chiffon. The first side of each red line was sewn by machine and the second side was sewn by hand. It was time consuming but I didn't want any stiching to be visible so it was worth it ❤(-_-)

red pieces

sewing the first side...

and the other side
And this is how it looks now
A lot of work still ahead, but it's getting there :3

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