Monday, October 26, 2015

Kuroyukihime ♥ + buta pattern

I am slowly starting to make some progress with Kuroyukihime. I have already made a mock up for the bodysuit but it needs some fixing before I can actually start working with real materials. I'm planning to add some boning to the bodysuit to give it more structure and hoping it'll be enough to handle the weight of the wings, so I don't have to make an actual harness. I'm also intrigued with the idea of adding lights to the costume but I'm not quite sure If I can afford them and if I can actually make them work. 

I have also done a lot of planning and researching. I usually like to see how others have made the exact costume to see how they have solved all the problems with the costume, like where they have placed the seams or how they have interpretated the whole costume from 2D to 3D. Then I'll try to mimic the bits I like from each costume I find (WIP material is your best friend here, but also pictures of finished costumes can be helpful). This time I'm out of luck though, because there's only few who have made the costume and no WIP material nor clear shots of finished cosplay  (๑′̥̥̥▵‵̥̥̥ ૂ๑)

I have still managed to get a decent plan how to make the costume and how to make all the armor pieces and from which material. I still need to research how to attach all the armor pieces to the costume, though.  Hope everything will work out as planned (/ ‘з’)/

Besides bodysuit, I have also started working on the hand armors. I have purchased finnfoam (that is insulator used in buildings). I'm going to sculpt it and then use the sculpted finnfoam kinda like a mold for the worbla. Not sure if it'll work out as planned, but we'll see~

I have also almost finished my little buta plushie (Haruyuki Aritas pig avatar). I'm making the OVA-version of it which is almost the same as normal except there is feathers on his ears and tiny wings on his back (though I'm not gonna make the wings because I'm making winged version of Kuroyukihime. which means that Haru doesn't have the wings since he lent them to Kuroyukihime) 

How it looks like - still need to make hoofs
I made the plushie from fleece and I sew it all by hand. I used baby pink fleece for the body and colored the cheeks and the nose with colored pencils. White fleece I used for eyes. I used black thread for pupils, eyebrowns, bellybutton, nostrils and outlining the eyes. I also glued some feathers for to the ears. I'm gonna make the hoofs from worbla


I made the patterns for the plushie. There is NO seam allowances so you should add them. If you print the patterns in size A4 the plushie should be around 40 cm. 

How to assemble the plushie

1. Sew FRONT HEAD patterns together from the middle
2. Sew BACK HEAD patterns together from the middle
3. Sew EARS, turn them , sew along the dashed line, add stuffing to the smaller section
4. Sew assembled FRONT HEAD and BACK HEAD together from the sides. At the same time add EARS so that the smaller section is closer to the middle seam. The little marking on the front and back head indicates where the ears should start. Leave a gap for stuffing.
5. Sew BODY patterns together first from the middle and then from the sides, leave a gap for stuffing.
6. Add stuffing and close the gaps. Attach head to the body.
7. Sew together LEGS, and NOSE (remember to leave a gap for turning and stuffing, and after stuffing close the gap). Sew together ARM 1 and ARM 2.
8. Stuff LEGS and ARMS and then attach them to the body.
9. Attach nose and eyes. With black thread, sew all the details. Add also tail (no pattern here but I just made it from rectangular piece of fabric)
10. Hot glue feathers 
11. Add color to the cheeks and nose with colored pencils

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