Sunday, January 3, 2016

Making my dreams come true: Kuroyukihime WIP

Instead of explaining why I chose the outfit or anything else, I'm just gonna go straight to the business: Using box cutter, I cut desired pieces from finnfoam. Above you can see shoulder pieces cut. After I had cut everything I glued as many pieces together as needed to make the piece thick enough. I had four layers in hand armor (one layer was 3 cm), two in shoulder pieces and 1 in ears/antennas.

Then I simply sculpted the pieces.  This step took several hours to make and I made several mistakes while sculpting. Luckily you can easily hide all the mistakes with clay, craft foam or cardboard

sculpting hand armor

ear progress

shoulder piece
My little clay mix. I used some old clay I had had laying around for ages and for that reason  it had lost a lot moisture. I fixed that by mixing it with water and it worked just fine. Though I think wood filler would have been better for filling holes and making the surface smoother.

Craftfoam I used add thickness since I had accidentally cut too much. For the corners I added cardboard to make them nice and clean. After that was done I covered all the pieces with tape.

When the bases were made I used them as mold for the worbla. Except for the ears which I only covered with worbla. Worbla was a lot easier to use than I had expected. It is quite forgiving material to work with. 
Heat gun and sculpting thingies~
Here's all the pieces I have made so far:

ears! I just need to prime, paint and attach them to the headband and they are done!

These little things are for the puta, his tiny cloven hoofs

Hand armor. these still need a lot of work

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