Wednesday, March 30, 2016

☆Plans for 2016☆


♥9.-10.7. Animecon ♥

New Cosplays:
♥Animecon: Sheryl Nome - Welcome To My FanClub's Night! (not quite sure what this outfit is supposed to be called) ♥

This outfit has been on my to do list for ages! I have a weak spot for uniforms and I adore the red lining against the blue fabric. I'm really looking forward to making the hat but I'm not too keen on making pants. Luckily the pants in this outfit are not really pants. I'm also planning to make the undergarment though the top is not going to be visible. 

♥Tracon: Kuroyukihime - Accel Assault♥

  I'm really hoping to finish Kuroyukihime in time for tracon, but right now it seems like there's too much work left. And on top of that I'm not really making any progress.. sigh.. But if I'm not able to finish her, I'll just wear something I already have in closet or maybe make something easy and cute outfit for some character I've already cosplayed as.

I'm just gonna make one new costume for each convention and wear it on the first day of the con. On the second day I'm gonna wear something I have already worn. For animecon It will probably be  Asuna or Umi and for tracon It will be nurse Luka or Kakashi. 

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