Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Meroko has been the cheapest cosplay I've ever done. The biggest reason for this was that I made it mostly from my old cardcaptor sakura cosplay. I Hadn't been  wearing it for several years and I wasn't even planning to wear it in the future. so.. Instead of selling it, I gave it a new life as a Meroko. 

The process was fairly easy. I started the costume by making a base for the hat from camping mattress, duct tape and hot glue. I had mattress left from my previous cosplay, so the total price for the costume so far was zero.


Sakura when all the pieces are showing (except for the petticoat)

After it was done, it was time to destroy sakuras outfit. Sakuras outfit consisted of 5 parts: undershirt, underskirt, main dress, petticoat and hat. From the bottom of the dress I made a pleated skirt. The hem was tiny bit too short, so I didn't get to place the zipper the way I wanted.  The zipper used in the skirt was also from the sakuras outfit. I had to seam rip the ribbon from the bottom. I ended up shortening the skirt from the front side a little. The top of the skirt is finished with bias tape - made from the sakuras outfit~

From the underskirt and undershirt I made all the ruffling. The ruffling actually took the whole underskirt.. and most of the shirt... and If I would do it again I would probably use a tiny bit more fabric. The ruffling was hand stitched to the skirt, which wasn't the wisest way to do it. I should have consumed more time planning the skirt construction, but I just wanted this to be easy outfit, so I didn't.

Sakuras hat was transformed into merokos hat. Though I had to use Sakuras left over fabrics I had saved for several year, since there were no big enough pieces for the brim and I had to make the brim and for that reason I had to make the brim under the hat from two pieces. The hat is fully lined and the lining I used was a leftover from sheryls costume. Ears for the hat were made from fabric I got from my granny, so no money spent there either. The inner part of the ears is fleece that was leftover from some kigurumi I made ages ago. (At times like this I'm happy I have a lot of fabrics stored) There is wire inside the ears to give them shape.

Sewing lining for the hat.

The top being made

The Top was made from sakuras dress. Sakuras wings are attached to the back of the Merokos top with wire. The top opens up from the zipper at the front. The zipper was actually bought for this cosplay, but because I had my gift card, It was basically free (at least for me). The top is also fully lined (with sheryls left over lining), and it has some wadding. I also made piping for the edges by putting wool threads inside bias tape (made from sakuras outfit). 

I altered the zippers pull tap a bit with leftover craftfoam and worbla. The pull tab was the coated with wood glue and painted with acrylic paints.

craftfoam and worbla ready to transform the pull tab...

Transformation complete!

 I also made the ring/buckle for the belt with wire and worbla. Speaking of the belt, all the dark blue fabrics were from grandma. The fabric is actually knitted velvet - not quite the material I wanted to choose in the first place, but I ended up liking the results quite a bit :3 

Almost ready!
And then there are the shoes. which ended up like this:

The shoes are made from old pair of platform sneakers, which is the reason I had to cover them with fleece before covering them with the red fabric. The buckles are from old shoes I altered for Asuna. The big circle is from camping mattress.

The wig I used for this cosplay was one of the first wigs I ever purchased. I had to straighten it and make the ball curls. The ball curls were made with a lot of glue, seethrough tape and wire. They are not too neat but look decent enough. The number one reason for me to use glue was that I wanted the curls can be taken down if I want to.

The gloves were made the simplest way possible, the same way I made sheryls gloves (link). I also made safety pants, since the skirt is really short. And the socks I already had purchased for daily use before even starting this costume. 

And that's all about the costume and how I made it!

Cats always choose to sleep in the place they are most in your way.

Oh, and the final results looked like this:

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Tracon 2016 ( ᐛ )و

Tracon was over a week ago and for me it was an okay con, could have been better could have been worse. Nothing special. I think it was mainly the weather that made tracon a bit dull this year. Anyways I'll start this conblogpost with...


Me and my bf had purchased the tickets early in the march. And not just those ticket's that you can print out or show from your phone. But the actual physical copies of the conbracelets... And as you may have already guessed one of those bracelets went missing... And it was friday, just a day before the con, before we noticed that it was missing.. So we searched the whole house and it was nowhere to be found. We were desperate at this point since the con was sold out and the chances of getting a ticket at the evening before the con were basically zero. But against all odds we managed to get a ticket! And so the conweekend was saved! 


I was cosplaying Meroko from full moon wo sagashite on saturday. At the morning it was cold so I was questioning my choice of cosplay. I thought I was going to freeze and I brought some blankets with me to prevent that. To my surprise It wasn't as cold as I had imagined. I ended up using a blanket only for a very short period of time, But the fact I was inside the building for the most parts might be the reason for that. 

I was surprised how much attention Meroko got. It was really nice to see that many people had a soft spot for Meroko eventhough she's from an older series and the outfit isn't super complicated :3

As usual I went to watch cosplay competitions. I was kinda disappointed with the competition. There weren't many participants and the overall quality of the skits were lower than last year. That being said I really did like the winners skits. Hopefully the competitions next year will be better.

The weather was unfortunately bad this year, Tracon has made an effort with the outerior for the last few years and I really like to just hang in the area and watch well made cosplays walk by. This year I didn't hang outside at all. except for the part when I went to eat and when we took pictures of Meroko.  


I was wearing Sheryls iteza gogo kuji don't be late-costume, but I didn't took any new photos of it. For some reason I was really tired on sunday and didn't really do much on that day (probably because I woke up super early on saturday and couldn't sleep that night because of the excitement ˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° ). The highlight of the day was to watch the anime music concert. That sums up my Tracon. Next I'll make a post about Meroko's outfit and after that I'll start some new costumes~~