My Cosplays♥

Here are a list of my cosplays I've done for myself so far. They come with a little information why and how I made the costumes and how well they are made, in my opinion. The costumes are in order from newest to the oldest and the most recent one is put on top of the list. 


Umi Sonoda
Finished? 2015
Series? Love Live!
Costume? Cotton kimono girl (idolized version)
Why? I'm addicted to the game. And one day, I got this gorgeous Umi card (though mine isn't idolized yet), and couldn't resist the urge to make the costume. while making the costume I ended up watching the anime also. Which was great 
(and of course I like umi the best :3)
 I absolutely love how the print and stripes came out and the outfit is made well, but there are few things I did not do according to the reference picture the most obvious being the lace part. Therefore I give it 4 stars

About costume:  
Skirt The skirt is made out of lilac cotton-elastane fabric and crepe polyester. It has three different layers of fabric. The most bottom layer  has box pleats about 3/4 of the skirt length and the upper 1/4 is plain fabric. The upper two layers have cotton lace on the hem. The skirt has elastic waistband and the skirt itself is actually quite heavy. I wear the skirt with a petticoat

Obi and Bow The obi has 3 layers of fabric, and two of those have interfacing, also the third fabric is quite thick itself. It is attached with velcro and hooks on the back. The bow has craft foam to give it its shape and it is attached to the obi by sewing. 

Sleeves Under the ribbon, there is elastic band, so the sleeves stay up really good.(also the ribbon was made by sandwiching cotton lace and satin ribbon)

Other It took million years to paint all the flowers and stripes.... But totally worth it!

WIP posts: click

Sheryl Nome

Finished? 2015
Series? Macross Frontier
Costume? 2nd opening dress, Lion
Why? I love the series and all the amazing songs in it. I really like Sheryl as a character and kinda wish I was more like her. The moment I saw this lion dress I knew I wanted to make it :3 Do I need more reasons? Amazing anime, beautiful costume and fierce character.
 Of course there are always some little things that I could be done better (just read, the shoes), but overall I think the costume is well made, it fits and looks just like it should

About costume:  
Skirt The skirt is made out of polyester and organza. It is full circle skirt and it's gathered on the waist with elastic band. There is also three layers of tulle and horsehair braid to keep the skirt poofy. 

Bow The bow on the back is not attached to the skirt or corset. It has its own elastic band that comes around the waist and a safety pin, that can be attached to the corset. It is made of polyester and organza fabrics and  inside the bow there is camping mattress to keep it in the shape. 

Corset The corset is made of cotton fabric, polyester, satin and chiffon. It has rigilene boning and it is fully lined. The lacing on the front is fully working and all of the eyelets have been sewn by hand. 

Shoes Shoes are modified from old shoes to fit this costume. Faux leather, expanding foam, paper mache and a lots of wood glue was needed to give the appropriate shape for the shoes.

Other Stockings and gloves are made of stretchy polyester fabric. Mic is made out of craft foam and toilet paper roll. Also hairclip, armband, earring and collar was made by me.

WIP posts: shirt and bow, shoes and mic, corset

Finished? 2014
Series? Potemayo
Why? Potemayo is one of my favorite anime's all time. Potemayo herself is so cute ~~ honihonihonihoooo~~ But I feel more connected to Guchuko. She's awkward, clumsy, shy and loves sweets. Just like me :3 and her lazer-beaming-horns~ SO CUUUTE :3
 The scythe and horns came out great, but the wig is horrible. I need to buy a new one.

About costume:  
Cape The cape is fully lined and it has cute bows at the end of it. The collar for the cape is made from white faux fur. Camping mattress has been added to the bows to keep them in shape.

Horns Horns were made from expanding foam, masking tape and wood filler. They were added to the headband with a superglue and four pins were needed for the eyes.

Scythe The Scythe is made out of plywood and a broom stick. The skull was made same way as the horns.

Jumpsuit The jumpsuit is made out of cotton and it was very easy to make.

Other  The wig was colored by me. 

WIP posts: wig, scythe and horns 1, scythe and horns 2, scythe and horns 3

Luka Megurine
Finished? 2014
Costume? Anti the infinite holic
Series? Vocaloid
Why? Luka is my favorite vocaloid and the outfit is so pretty :3
Rating? I would say . it wasn't perfect, but it was very comfortable to wear and It was made well. The only thing I'd add would be contact lenses ....and maybe new shoes?

About costume:  
Dress and collar The dress and the collar were made from cotton fabric. The dress is not lined, but all the seams are finished with serger. The dress has invisible zipper on the back of the dress. The collar is separate and it has two snab fasteners in the front.

Other Head dress is also made from cotton fabric. The two flowers on the side were attached with hot glue. The Head dress can be tied under the chin with ribbons. 

Yuzuki Yukari
Finished? 2013
Series? Vocaloid
Why? I'm a bunny-lover and when I saw yuzuki's design I fell in love: Bunny, vocaloid and purple, everything i love in one package! What else can I ask for?
Rating?  The belt needs fixing, so does the shoes and the socks. And the dress needs few details. The separate pieces looks good but when they are put together it doesn't look as good as I would like. But since I like yuzuki so much, I'm gonna fix this costume!

*I also need to take better pictures of the costume*

About costume:  The belt has working lights and speakers~

WIP posts: bunny plushie, dress

Asuna Yuuki
Finished? 2013
Costume? Aincard
Series? Sword art online
Why? sao = ♥, asuna = ♥, asunas and kiritos relationship =♥, sword = ♥, outfit = ♥, and it was my first couple cosplay♥.
Rating?  I really like this costume, the wig is probably the prettiest I own and I'm happy with all the little details I made ( the little crosses) and this cosplay looks so good in photos ♥ but there are few things I dislike. The handthings and armor keep on falling, and the vest needs to be a little longer (though It does look ok). also the sword needs a little finetuning. But I'm gonna fix those~~

WIP posts: WIP 1, WIP 2

Luka Megurine
Finished? 2012
Series? Vocaloid
Costume? Sandplay of the singing dragon
Why? It was love at the first sight
Rating? ★ I spent a lot of time making this cosplay. There are beads sewn in the hem and all the embroideries are made by hand. I just wish I had used tulle for the bottom and made it more fluffy.

WIP posts: click

♥Totoro (Kigurumi)
Finished? 2012
Series? my neighbor totoro
Why? my favourite movie ever ♥
Rating? ★★★★★ It's perfect and cozy, just like kigurumis should be :3

Luka Megurine
Finished? 2011
Series? Vocaloid
Costume? Love colored ward (nurse)
Why? I had bought a wig for Luka that was supposed to be for her sandplay costume. So I thought myself why not make another costume for her? so then I happened to find mv for the song love ward and then this costume happened.
Rating? ☆ This was a quick cosplay to make, fabric is suitable for the costume and the patterns are ok. It's not bad but not excellent either.

Satsuki Hyodou
Finished? 2011
Series? Kaichou wa maid-sama
Why? at the time this was my favourite manga and my friends thought I resembled the manager, so when we had kaichou wa maid-sama group cosplay I was satsuki
Rating? ☆ I dislike the fabric I chose for the costume and the lack of wig, but the patterns for this dress were alright.

Sakura Kinomoto
Finished? 2011
Series? Cardcaptor Sakura
Why? the wings and the anime. so cute I couldn't resist.
Rating? ☆ This cosplay needs more fabric to the dress and horsehair braid and tulle!! and a wig. But other than I give it a thumbs up

Female Kakashi Hatake

Finished? 2010 wig replaced in 2011

Series? Naruto

Why? I thought it was good character  to start my cosplay "career" since naruto was the best manga atm and kakashi was so cool. and he had a mask. The mask was actually one of the most important thing since I didn't want to end up on the internet under the title "worst cosplay ever" with my face showing. Also, I wasn't too confident with my looks, especially my face bothered me, so mask was perfect for hiding it. Now I don't really care what people think about my looks or facial structure since I can't change it. I'm just learning to accept it as it is and make the best out of it :3 

Rating? ☆ I get a lot of attention everytime I wear this costume and It does fit me well, but let be honest, it has a lot of mistakes. You can't really see all the things wrong with the costume while wearing it, but there are unfinished seams and the skirt has seams in -let just say- interesting places. I also bought the shirt, headband and gloves and altered them to fit the costume.  

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