Saturday, July 26, 2014

Animecon XI 2014


I was cosplaying Luka megurine in her anti the infinite holic-costume. I'm very pleased with the costume and it was easy and comfortable to wear. And the wig is so so so pretty. Though there was a little bit too hot at the times but that was because of the hot weather. I was originally planning to wear Guchuko on saturday instead of Luka, but the wig for guchuko never came, in fact it was send to the wrong country and I had to order a new one. But I'll talk about that later.

My boyfriend was supposed to wear pantheons glaive warrior costume (from League of legends) But it broke when we tried to put it on in the morning.... and we decided to enjoy the day without pantheon and fix it in the evening so he could put it on on sunday. So we spent the day watching cosplay competition and cosplay date and just hanging around instead of worrying when the pantheon will break down again. 

for some reason it's sideways O___o oh well
(and my face is derp XD)

I was wearing my cutie lolita dress from baby the stars shine bright which I bought from my trip to Japan. The print is my sweet mate kumya's trick or treat by the way. Too early for halloween, i know.. but it's way too cute not to wear it :3 When I put it on I thought that no one would want to take a photo of me since it's a lolita not a cosplay. But surprisingly many came to ask for a photo :O Or maybe it was just because i was hanging with pantheon that we somehow managed to fix during night

overall, I enjoyed the con, but it was neither the best nor the worst con I have been to. Next con I will be attending is Tracon and hopefully I can wear guchuko there :3

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Guchuko, Guchuko, wip 3

Not much has happened since the last time I posted. I still haven't started making the costume and everything have been pretty much just waiting for me to lay my hands on them... for a month... But I have a good reason for that because I was in Japan so I couldn't do anything! 

It's readyy :3
Scythes size compared to me 
But anyways I have done some little things: I added some paint to the scythe and now I can happily announce that it's completely 100% ready! I also painted the mouths for the horns and added pins for eyes and they are almost ready now. The costume itself shouldn't be hard to make, so when I get to it is probably going to be done in couple days.

They are so cute (´ε` )♡

I was planning to make the wig from two separate wigs and sew them together, so I ordered two wigs. the first wig came... BUT the color is wrong 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。It is pink instead of violet ;___;  It would cost too much to send it back to the seller and get a new right colored wig.. so  I must dye it...  I'm still anxiously waiting for the second wig to come, hopefully it comes in time. fingers crossed ~

what I got and what I ordered ;___;

That's how far I have got, next time I probably make an update of guchukos outfit. But before that I need to go to the fabric store~~