Thursday, August 28, 2014

Oh, ebay...

Let's talk about ordering wigs from ebay. To this day all of my wigs, I have ordered from ebay, have come in time and in perfect condition. The color has been just like in the pictures and I haven't had anything bad to say. But then Guchuko happened. 

I ordered two wigs from different sellers and I was supposed to put those two wigs together and make the perfect wig for guchuko like that. But I guess ebay had something else in mind. The first wig I ordered came in time... but the color was way off. I thought I could return it and get the right colored wig to replace it and the seller agreed to this. But I never sent the wig since it would have cost me more money to send the wig back than the value of the wig... And what happened to the second wig? well, the second wig never came. I waited for it to arrive over the estimated delivery time and then I contacted the seller. She/He replied that the wig was send to a wrong country by accident and gave me full refund... 

Needless to say I didn't expect both wigs not to arrive and so I had to leave guchukos costume and scythe at home while I went to animecon...

Since ebay had let me down I gave up on the idea of splitwig and decided I would order only one wig and dye it. So I did. Luckily the wig arrived really fast and the color of the wig was right. though the quality of the wig is not the best... there could be more fiber in it.. 

But let's move to the important part: DYEING THE WIG!

what you'll need:
-70% rubbing alcohol (or you can mix Sinol and water like I did.)
-acrylic ink 
-spray bottle
-wig stand ( or something else to hold the wig in place)
-protective gloves
-clips or pins to hold the upper layers of the wig up
-and the wig of course

step 1. You may skip this if you are using 70% rubbing alcohol. Measure the ingredients Sinol and water in the spray bottle. so that there is 70% Sinol and 30% of water. I used 1,75 dl of Sinol and 0,75 dl of water.

the ink I used

Step 2. Add the acrylic ink. I have no perfect measure of this, But add as much as you think is needed. The color will lighten when I'ts dry so try to make the color a little darker than you need. You can also mix many different colors of acrylic inks in order to achieve the desired color. 

all mixed up (only seethrough spray bottle I could find)

I'd prefer the spray bottle to be seethrough but if it's not I'd recommend to mix the color and alcohol in seethough container first and then move it to the spray bottle.

My beautiful wig stand, juicebottle filled with water and newspaper XD

Step 3. Prepare the wig. Put it in the wig stand and comb it. You can do this also before mixing any ingredients together.

Step 4. start spraying. The easiest way is to clip upper layers and start spraying first to the lower layers and then add some more layers and spray them and so on. Since Guchuko's hair is dip dyed I tried to achieve it by adding more color to the bottom and less on the middle of the wig where the "line" is. Then I used comb to make the shift softer.

Dyeing is very messy so I recommend using protective gloves. They kept my hand clean :3

As you can see the color is already much lighter

Step 5. Let it dry

Step 6. Rinse it in COLD water. then let it dry again. When it's dry comb it once again.


Guchuko approves ()

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