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Sayonara no tsubasa!

Sayonara no tsubasa Sheryl 
Long time no see, i mean post. But now I'm back to write a post about the newest(well, not the newest anymore.. third newest) costume I made. I guess it doesn't surprise anyone that it is once again Sheryl Nome, this time in sayonara no tsubasa-costume. I have been wanting to make this specific costume for a very long time (as well as hundred other costumes for Sheryl) and what's better excuse to make it than a group cosplay? unfortunately the group did not happen, but regardless of that the costume did.

It all started with a tons and tons of fabric. Most of them were leftovers from my other cosplays. Only fabrics for the jacket and pink hip scarf thing had to be purchased. For the jacket lining and leather corset I used the fabrics I had purchased for Sheryl's iteza gogo kuji don't be late outfit and the violet organza for the hipscarf thingies and hat decoration was originally for Sheryl's lion outfit. Even the fabric for the skirt was leftover from Luka's sandplay singing of the dragon costume.

All the pieces for the corset cut

Corset and its lining 

I first started the costume with a corset. It was really easy to make. I used the same old basic pattern I have used for ages, but I altered the bottom and top to match the design. There is rigilene boning in the seams that go vertically along the front seams. Interfacing was added only to the red parts of the corset. The corset closes with the zipper on the front and the corset is made out of faux leather and it is fully lined.

main fabric and lining for the jacket cur

Interfacing added to the collar and to the back of the jacket

Jacket partly sewn together

Jacket almost finished

After the corset was done I started the jacked. It was a lot more complicated than the corset and I'm still not 100% satisfied with it. I put interfacing on the collar, pockets, on the upper back of the jacket and on the end of the sleeves. There is no lining inside the sleeves, but other than that the jacket is fully lined. There is also working pockets, which are mostly for decoration, since they are too small to be used for real. The collar came out just perfect, but the sleeves and pockets were troublesome. I wouldn't put interfacing on the pockets if I were to do this costume again. I would have also put lining into the sleeves if I had had enough leftover red lining to do that.

The skirt for this costume is the shortest one I have ever made. It is 20-25 cm short. There is elastic band on the hips and the scalloped hem is made with hot knife. The dots were then painted on.

The belt used to be black before I covered it with red fabric. I also redid the buckle entirely. I used sandwiched craftfoam-worbla technique to accomplish the heart shaped belt buckle. then I covered it with wood glue and spray painted it gold. As simple as that.

All the pieces for the cutest bow ever :3

Finished bow 

The hip scarfs are attached to the belt. The scalloped hems are made with hot knife. There is also the cutest bow ever on the back of the belt :3 I will put some snaps or velcro to the belt and the skirt, so they wont shift apart (eventhough there wasn't really a problem with it while wearing the costume).

stocking were fun to make. I immediately wanted to make the sock/stocking in one piece, because of how fed up I'm with  knee socks constantly falling. They are made out of three parts that are sewn together. One of them is stretchy mesh that is close to my skin color. There is elastic band at the top of the stockings and the lilac parts were ripped with scissors.

Sheryl's shoes are always a trouble to make. I have no idea why can't she have a normal shoes. The shoes I ordered for her weren't exactly according to reference, but they were the closest I could find in affordable price. The shoes came out nice, but I'm still not 100% satisfied with them. The shoecovers ended up a little wrinkly which I could have easily prevented if I would have used contact cement instead of hot glue gun. oh well, it's easy to say now when I know better.

Hasseli was helping me to make the costume, as you can see 

The collar was a trouble. I remade it. At first I wanted the corset lacing to be real and the opening for the collar. But then I ended up with a problem: I couldn't attach the baby pink parts to the collar because there would have been a gap in the front of baby pink part. And because of that I ended up with two part collar that kept on swifting and twirling while I was wearing it... That made me give up from the idea of working lacing, and ended up sewing the pink part to the collar and making the opening to the back of the collar.

Base for the hat was made from craftfoam

Hat done

Me wearing the hat

I'm very pleased with how the hat came out. It is made out of craft foam that is covered with faux leather. There is two alligator clips to hold it in place. It was easy to make, thought it took some time to think how I'd apply the lining on the inside. For the gloves I used some old pattern I found on the internet, but I shortened the fingerparts to make it look as it is in reference. For the ring I just glued fake flower I made to the base ring.

Here's couple pictures from the finished costume:

So, that's all for the Sheryl. next time I'll write something about Suigintou ~

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