Thursday, September 19, 2013

♥Tracon 2013♥


I fixed my Yuzuki Yukari outfit for this con and wore it on saturday. I like the costume very much, but it didn't really get any attention on the convention and only couple people came to ask for a picture. Though I think that's 'cause yuzuki isn't a well known character (,,#゚Д゚) But anyhow I had a great time and I'll put yuzuki's outfit on in the future as well

the backview. unfortunately the bunny in the back isn't visible ;___;


mustache mustache = 

And in the belt I have working lights and speakers!


I had to go to the convention by train and I didn't want to carry anything big or heavy outfits (such as Asuna and her sword or Sandpaly Luka's dress), so I decided to wear my Kakashi costume on Sunday. I'm always amazed how much attention Kakashi gets. It was my first cosplay and I have wore it in several con's yet still people want to have a picture of kakashi. But Kakashi is one of the coolest characters ever, so no wonder people are excited to see him

Overall this was awesome convention and with awesome people and one of the most fun cons i have ever been to ^___^

PS. I'm working on some yuzuki yukari tutorials and I hope I can finish them soon 

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