Sunday, April 6, 2014

pretty Luka, almost done :3

As the title says, Anti the infinite holic luka is almost done! (^・ω・^ ) What is left to do is to sew couple buttons and add some ribbon and roses to the headdress. Not much is left and tomorrow I probably start to design how I'm gonna make Guchuko's outfit and scythe(ღ˘⌣˘ღ)❤ But now back to Luka

I managed to sew the third layer of ruffle and sew lacing to it's place ( it has been pinned in earlier pictures). Those ruffles took forever!!! The skirt part has atleast 14 meters of white ruffles. 

Picture of third layer of ruffle and lacing pinned
Lacing attached :3
Then I had to attach even more ruffles, this time for sleeves. The sleeves took together 6 meters of ruffles. So it's no surprise I was quite relieved after all ruffling was done ( ˇ෴ˇ )

After everything was done the dress looked something like this:

I had been just hurrying with the sewing, so There was string hanging everywhere, since my sewing macine don't automatically cut strings ( ≧Д≦) So After I cut all the visible strings I ended up having a plastic bag full of random strings XD

Yeiii \(^▽^@)ノ
Then I made couple ribbons. It's kinda sad that the wig is so long that the ribbon in the back is not visible, so it feels like I made it for nothing. But it's already been made so there's nothing I can do anymore 

Have I ever mentioned that I love ribbons? 

TADAH! Dress almost finished! So happy
And here's comparison, it still needs petticoat so therefore I'm holding it
Here's all the parts of the outfit

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