Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Sheryl WIP 2

The jacket was quite easy to make. I made the patterns using mannequin, which is not something I usually do. I wanted the jacket to have only one short seam on the front  and It would have been hard to make without the mannequin. Overall I'm quite pleased how the pattern came out. 
patterns for the collar front back and sleeve. Though I ended up changing the collar a lot. 
I put some interfacing on the upper back of the jacket and also to the front panels and then just sewed the blue parts of the jacket together. as simple as that. Then I sewed together the lining. At this point I had to make the collar and the cuffs. the Cuffs were easy to make but the collar was a little more troublesome. First I made it as the pattern above suggest... But it didn't work out. Then I curved it.. and It was too flat. Then  I added a narrow straight rectangle between the curved collar and the neckline. And that worked out! and interfacing is put on the lining at the cuffs and the collar.

After the collar was sewn in place I pinned the lining to the blue fabric and stitched them together close to the edge. Then I added yellow bias tape to finish the hem. After that I attached the cuffs to the jacket and added bias tape to them as well. After that I made buttonholes and added buttons. And made all the other tiny finishing  touches by hand.

pretty cuffs :3
The pants/legwear kinda just came together without any problems. I made lining to them as well and I had to add wire to make them hold the shape I wanted.
Lining and blue part.
Wire being added to the seam. It is sewn on the seam allowance
I made a lot of stitching into these, like this perfect stitching which was easy to make....
....and this a little harder stitching to make.

And this is how everything looked laying flat on the floor.. without bias tape and cuffs

The gloves I made using a pattern I found from here. It worked quite well, except the fingers were a little bit too long for my hands.

The belt was made from a faux leather and since it had a little stretch, I didn't have to add any darts to make it fit better. Because I didn't find closure big enough I decided to add boning to the front of the belt. So there's two rigile boning to hold the fabric. 

not too neatly sewn, but there will be buckle to hide all the mess.

The buckle belt I made by sandwiching worbla and craft foam and curved the creation a little. I added wire to the back to make it possible to add to the belt. The decorations for the hat were made with craft foam and worbla. I coated all the pieces with wood glue and then spray painted them. After that I added some highlights with black and white acrylic colors.

I heated the worbla a bit, placed craft foam pieces, added worbla to the top and trimmed the excess.

Then I made the wirethingies and attached them to the back of the buckle with wirblapieces.
sketch, stencil and cut pieces from craftfoam.

waiting for wood glue and paint 
The hat didn't work out as I wanted. I first tried to make it more triangle, but ended up making it round. Then I had to add support to the front to make it stay up and I also added some cotton wool to make it hold the shape better. I'll make another post on the details later~

The first versions patterns...

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