Friday, September 19, 2014


First is up SPEAR.  Though I don't have much wip material from it, because It was made in a rush.. basically in two days. Therefore the painting is hideous and the surface is not smooth. But it looks quite impressive from far away, and we are planning to fix it... when we have time.. but for a while I'm going to focus on sewing clothes for me. so we'll see when it's fixed, if ever. But let's move to the main point.

The spear started with a blade. the blade was cut from plywood and it was attached to the broom handle with glue. Then some cardboard was attached with tape and on top of that we sprayed expanding foam. To make those spikes or whatever you can call them (see the picture above XD), we used a separate pieces of cardboard and sprayed then with expanding foam. and then we added them to the main part with hot glue when everything was curved.
The thicker part on the bottom was made with camping mattress and with a lot of glue. It could have been made with expanding foam also, but we were out of expanding foam and in a hurry, so we decided to work with matress.
Half of the shark/wolf cut, half to be cut. 
we covered the wolfshark with masking tape before adding wood filler. at this point clock was something like 6 am and we had to leave at 6 pm to the convention...
With a little sleep we managed to sand it and paint before we had to leave. And it looked something like this:

Though the result could have been a lot better, I was just happy to be able to finish it, and hopefully we can fix all the things before next convention.

Then there is armor. I don't really fancy it. the surface is not smooth. and you unfortunately can see it. But who cares, Let's put it here anyway!

The armor is made with camping mattress and craft foam. It has been bend to the right shape with heat and then glued some details and painted. The chest armor has velcro on the left side and the knee and hand armors have elastic band, so they can be put on and off with those. 


so this is how we made the weapon and the armor. stay toon for part 3 which is all about helmet/boots/clothes.

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