Sunday, September 21, 2014


The last part of pantheon WIPs, LET'S GO!


The Helmet was made from cardboard, expanding foam, wood filler, masking tape, craft foam, tiny bit of black fabric and paint. The base was made with tape and cardboard straight to  my bf's head. Then some additional cardboard was added so that the expanding foam was easier to add and later on cut to its shape.

When the expanding foam was added It looked funny :3 

Then cutting happened and it started to look more wolflike

Then it was covered with masking tape

and wood filler was added and sanded when dry

First we put basic white base coat of paint and after it was dry we put a brown paint

Then we added some highlight with lighter color and shadows with darker color

After the basic head was done we used craft foam to make the front and back parts of the helmet

 The back parts were curved using heat

Then the parts were painted using the same technique as painting the helmet itself

while attaching craft foam pieces together we found out that superglue works out better than hot glue and its much less messier.

A lot of pictures is missing but the black fabric was added to the front and the back parts were attached to each other with fabric also. The teeth were made out of paper mache and they were superglued on to the head. There is also a lining. 

Anyways the finished product looks like this: 

 Next I'm gonna put a couple pictures of making the clothing and shoes. The shoes were made the same way as asunas shoes (link)

We used the picture below and Pantheons Lolking model as models and kinda mixed the best parts of the two to make the pantheon cosplay. for example we did the helmet by the lolking model and the shoes according to the other picture.

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