Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sword Art Online - Asuna WIP

Asuna Yuuki

It was at least six months ago (or even longer ago) when my boyfriend suggested that we should cosplay Asuna and Kirito from Sword Art Online. Back then I didn't know anything about SAO and I had to google those characters to know what they looked like. I wasn't that thrilled about their outfits, but I thought I could do it if I liked the anime (I can't cosplay a character if I don't know anything about it, which means I have to watch the anime or read the manga, the character is in, in order to cosplay it.) After I had watch couple episodes of SAO it was clear that my next cosplay was going to be Asuna. I loved the anime and  Asuna's personality (。♥‿♥。)
patterns in size 1:4
materials (thin red ribbon not in the picture)
I started with the red skirt, mainly because I already had the fabric for it. (I purchased all the other equipment later) The skirt was normal pleated skirt and I managed to get it done quite fast. The most time consuming thing in the skirt was to iron the pleats. But if I have to mention just one thing I have learned in sewing, it is that ironing makes everything look at least 10 times better (。・ω・。) so ironing is a must.

making pleats

Finished skirt !! 

When the skirt was done I started doing the vest part ( I'm not sure if it's a vest put I shall call it that XD) Making a pattern for it was hard, I constantly changed it a little and in the end my patterns were all messy. But at least they worked! 

Ah those messy patterns.

How it looked when I had sewn some red ribbon
(I looked too tired, therefore the duck. DUCKFACE)
All the thick red ribbon in, time for thin red ribbon
BTW it took overall 14 m of red ribbon
the outfit, how it looks and how it should look.
So that's everything I have done so far. next I'm going to make the shoes and armor and add details to the vest (●´∀`●)

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